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About AE
Shenzhen Angstrom Excellence Technology Co. Ltd was established in October 2020, is an expert of Semiconductor front end metrology equipment in R&D, manufacture and sales. AE has established a wide variety of products and solutions - optical metrology series for film thickness & properties, and optical critical dimensions; plus X-ray metrology series for film thicknesses, material properties and compositions as well as surface contaminations, matching or exceeding world best equipment performances. We have 1000m2 clean room in Shenzhen, including class 1000 equipment assembly area, class 100 & 10 laboratory.
The company's core R&D team is strong, consisting of top technical experts in the global semiconductor industry and senior researchers in global scientific research institutions. The company has formed an international scientific research team with global comprehensive R&D strength in the field of semiconductor equipment. While paying attention to independent research and development of core technologies, the company actively arranges global technical cooperation and market development, and has made technological breakthroughs in many measurement fields.
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