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We intend to become the leader in the special field of Yield Management
Solution for Semiconductor Manufacturing Industry. The most striking characteristic
of our company is our fast and fantastic Yield managemenr and control product.
This enables our Semiconductor Manufacturing customer to avoid the worst waste
and permits them to make high-quality semiconduct chips. Every employee must do
his/her best to achieve this Goal.
“Lean in” is the word used to describe we have a great mission to promote and
facilitate the self-reliance and self-improvementand of China Semiconductor Industry
and we have the determination to uphill struggle for our mission and rise to any
“Innovate Next” represent our Innovation-based core competence, and we delivering value
to our global customers and gain competitive advantage. Innovation enables us to provide
unique solutions to our customers and add values in diverse ways to the existing market.
Innovative, integrity and reliable,results-orientated,respectful.
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