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Angstrom Excellence Entering China's Semiconductor Industry
On June 25, Yun Xiu Capital released the 2021 China Semiconductor Industry Map at the Fifth Summit of Micro Semiconductor. As a semiconductor equipment startup company established in October 2020, Angstrom Excellence Semiconductor made a breakthrough in product research and development in just half a year, gained recognition and attention from the industry, and entered the China Semiconductor Industry Map (equipment category).Since its establishment more than half a year ago, the prototype of the products has been developed and recognized by customers. The products of the products of the core are planned to be applied to customers at the end of the year. Angstrom Excellence provides industry-leading optical measurement and X-ray measurement products and solutions to solve the neck problem of semiconductor manufacturing in China in the field of wafer pre-measurement. We believe that Ericsson will make positive contributions to the development of China''s semiconductor industry.
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